Upgrading firmware of H6810 DLP how to update the system?

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I'm looking for an update for my projector H6810 DLP (model number A4K1720).

My actual software version is 0.1.4, it seems to be an early version.

Also, in the menu, some of the features looks disabled, and I'm having compatibility issues with my mac.

Can you please advise how to update the system?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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  • Take your H6810 DLP projector to Acer Tech Support as upgrading firmware on these projectors is complex and a user like you does noy have access to the software that is needed for a firmware flash and even if you did, you have a very high chance of bricking your device.

    We on this community cannot give any guides on flashing firmware on devices like these, as its prohibited as a rule of participating on this forum, this is because it could lead to you doing the firmware flash wrongly and damaging your device and the community being blamed. This H6810 projector does have a firmware flash guide in its service guide but its complicated and needs an experienced technician with access to all the appropriate software (that Acer has) to flash the firmware properly and tune your projector correctly, so be aware of all this.