Acer Vero auto play, can it auto play a video loop?

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Im thinking of buying the Acer Vero for a project since the device can start automatically when it gets power. Such as turning on the power switch in a store.

But can it also auto play a smaller video in a loop? I guess we can have the video on a USB stick and connect it to the projector.

My question is. When the Vero is powered up, can it auto play a video loop? Without any interaction.

Thank you!

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  • PeterKlein336
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    While the Acer Vero doesn't inherently auto play video loops, there are alternative methods. You can install digital signage software designed to continuously display content, including videos, on a screen. Popular options include ScreenCloud, Posterlounge, and NoviSign. Alternatively, if comfortable with scripting, you can create a script using tools like the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically launch the video loop upon system boot. However, modifying system settings or using third-party software carries potential risks and vulnerabilities, so proceed with caution and do your research beforehand.