What wifi card is compatible with my model n17w2 laptop?

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I took my computer in and they said my wifi card has most likely gone bad. How do I know what will work though?

I looked at my processor, system bit and found one but it says it only works for windows 10. I am currently using windows 11. Am I able to upgrade the chip or do I need to downgrade to windows 10?


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    The Acer model #: N17W2 means nothing, but if you say its a Win-11 laptop and has that reference number, then its probably a Spin SP513-55N which you should use this model numbers and NOT the N17W2 number, as it means nothing, as and also, Acer does not use that reference number for anything.

    The below WLAN/BT card is for Win-11 and I presume you have the Acer Spin SP513-55N laptop, as this Spin laptop use a Killer AX1650i card Wi-Fi 6 type card and Bluetooth version 5.1, which I'm also using on my Nitro 5 AN515=56 and Win-11, its not the greatest card but its works, as this is the only compatible card for these laptops that Acer uses, don't try to put any other cards into the above model laptop as it will not work. You can buy these cards on eBay for about USD $20.00.

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    @JoshJB95 this might be an SP513-52N or 53N. You can use get AC9260 or the AX200

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    Most of my Googles on the N17W2 "model number" come back with SP513-52N-552K as the actual SKU. That's an Intel Core i5 8th Gen 8250U (1.60GHz) with 8GB Memory, a 256 GB SSD, Intel UHD Graphics 620 with 13.3" display and Windows 10 Home 64-Bit. Since it's 8th gen it is upgradeable to Windows 11, but didn't come with that standard. The WLAN card is Acer part number NC.23611.030, but most any of the M.2 WLAN cards will work, other than the CNVio cards like the AX201, AX211 and AX411. The AX200 and AX210 will both work, and provide an upgrade from the original 802.11ac (WiFi 5) to 802.11ax (WiFi 6 or 6E).

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