What is wrong with Predator x45 monitor?! switching from DP to DP mini turns off the device

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This is the secound time this happend and it make me [Content removed]!

Im sitting on 2 connection (DP and DP mini), when im switing from DP to DP mini with the KVM-switch the monitor goes [Content removed] and stop working…

Shut it self off, says no signal and start flashing orange and blue, and shut it self off again.
This will last for some minuts…

I cant do nothing with the monitor.
Cant use the KVM-Switch, trying to reconnect the cables, it just flashes between Orange and Blue!

So what is the the problem?!

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    I have unpluged the monitor,
    hold power on 30+ secounds with and without power connected,
    Status still unchanged.. Monitor goes on, show input and the start blinking oragne and blue and then goes off…
    Haved tryed 3 different computers, with diffrent connectors (DP, DP mini and HDMI1 and 2), is still dead…

    I have notify the seller of the product the issue and now it will be shiped due to an issue with the component.