PH-315-51-76FS NVidia graphics won't disable when not used, hot on Win11

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Everything worked great until the Win11 upgrade. First problem was, that the Laptop was constantly hot with the fan running on max even after reboot with no programs running. With the latest NVidia drivers, it got better. But even when no programs are running on the GPU, the icon shows that it is active and the task manager shows it is hot/warm.

See the picture, the GPU icon shows no programs running on NVidia GPU, it is still the colorful one and task manager shows 62 degree celsius for the 1060 and still some pulse on the GPU.

And the upper left above the keyboard ist quite hot.

How can that be fixed?


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    Ups, sorry, that was stupid, mixed up some things. I cannot find out how to delete/close this post. Could any mod pls close this? Thx.

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    I answered on the other thread.

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