Acer aspire 5 A515 55G Acer OEM missing after windows reinstall using USB.

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So basically I had multile Blue screen of deaths and had no choice but to reinstall windows using a usb.However after reinstalling windows I noticed the Acer windows wasnt present,In terms of OEM.The Acer power plan,The Acer logo in settings even the Acer login stuff.

Even the bios is waay outdated and an update is not available in windows update and Im afraid of downloading a bios elsewhere.

Is there any way to get the Acer windows back instead of a pure windows?If i do a local reset everthing reinstall would it help?

Instead of ordering a 50$ usb would it be possible to download it online since my Acer laptop is already registered i assume.Basically get the Default Factory Acer laptop or is it lost forever..Btw when I reinstalled using usb I deleted all partitions

Any advice is greatly appreciated,Thanks

My laptop is Acer aspire 5 A515 55G

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