Help with predator xb283 works with PS5 but trouble connecting my ps4

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Hello, I just purchased a XB283k monitor. I’m having trouble connecting my ps4 to it. I purchased it for my ps5 and it works great but when I connect it to my ps4 or Nintendo switch, the signal isn’t detected. I am using a HDMi 2.1 cable for both my ps4 and switch. Could that be the reason?

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  • Jack22
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    I guess you connected the PS5 through using the HDMI cable. correct ?

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  • Cu010850
    Cu010850 Member Posts: 2 New User

    Yes. For my ps5, I used a hdmi 2.1. For my ps4, I used hdmi 2.0.

  • billsey
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    As long as you are using the same cable, they should both work. Does the PS4 work with other monitors?

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