How to enter BIOS after activated Legacy in Aspire V5-471

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Hello everyone. I need help. I can't enter BIOS after activated Legacy mode. My device is Acer Aspire V5-471. I've turned off Fast Boot at power management. Every I press F2, it still boot Windows without enter BIOS mode. Thanks.

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    This is a 10 year old Windows7 notebook no longer supported by Acer and phased out by Microsoft. You need to reset BIOS by taking out the CMOS battery but for this model that means completely taking the laptop apart as the CMOS is located at the back of the motherboard (see red circle). Best to bring your laptop to a computer repair shop and ask to reset your BIOS and load Windows8.1

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    First of all, why activate legacy mode? That hasn't been in use since before your laptop was new… My guess is you wanted to install a really old Linux flavor maybe? Some of the Linux type installations remove the timeout waiting for the F2 key making very difficult to get into the BIOS. Your best bet is usually to press and hold the F2 while turning it on. Several attempts at that is usually enough to get in to make changes.

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I have cleared my CMOS, and it become UEFI mode.