Windows product key recovery How can I recover my product key

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I bought a acer in 2014 with original windows product key. As I was having issues, I changed ram and installed SSD. But cheated by my engineer, he teared the sticker of product key and did not use my kep for my laptop. A small part of windows product key is still there and few digits of product key is visible. How can I recover my product key from there so that I

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    Contact Acer Services in your country and they will advise what to do, probably bringing your laptop to reset the system to factory defaults and reinstall OEM Windows8 for a small service fee. If you registered your laptop with Acer and Microsoft, you may be able to get the key using your e-mail address although that did not start till 2015 with Windows10.

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    Hi @Subhankar_j what is your exact model and what is the version of Windows installed at the factory?
    Do I change the factory version later?

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    What Acer model is it? What OS was originally installed? In 2014 is was likely Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and the product key is embedded in the BIOS for W8 and later OSes, so no sticker needed.

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