Predator_Orion_PO3-640how to reach 103 FPS with my current upgrades

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CPU: i7-12700F

Hello Friends,

Upgraded my original 16 GB (2x8GB, JEDEC) RAM with 32 GB (2x16GB, XMP 2.0) + GPU to RTX4070

Run through 3DMark FireStrike test and notcied performance drop (FPS) in CPU test (Physics score) from initial 103 FPS down to 89 FPS.

Run video test twice with XMP disabled (2400 MHz) and enabled (3200 MHz), and no difference! No boost, Physics test result is more or less the same and what interesting it is lower than it was with initial 16 GB RAM modules :)

Any suggestions what is causing that drop and what can be done to reach 103 FPS performance with current RAM?

Ram producer is the same for both sets: KINGSTON FURY

Initial test with old 16GB RAM + RTX 3060

Test after upgarde 32GB XMP profile disabled + RTX 4070

32GB RAM XMP profile enabled + RTX 4070, FPS drops further to 83 in Physics score

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