Really SPATIAL spatial effect

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Which of the games works like in the Model Viewer?
So that when you move your head around the scene it has an affect on what you can see?

I bought ULTRA game - Atomic Heart and it is anly normal 3D effect. Not a spatial 3D effect.


Piotr :)


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    I don't believe any TrueGame games currently work like the Model Viewer, although I've seen some game demos made for Leia's Lume Pad tablet that do.

    The difference between 3D+ and 3D Ultra is the method of creating the 3D effect. 3D+ uses the depth buffer from game engine, whereas 3D Ultra inserts a 2nd virtual camera into the game. Personally, I find the artifacts in 3D+ too distracting 9 out of 10 times, so I just stick with playing 3D Ultra games.

    It would be amazing if they took it a step further and made some "Spatial 3D" games that rotate the scene with head movements. :)

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    I am sorry, I've missed it!!

    It is there :) I'd need to find some time and resources to try it out :)

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    Yeah, I just downloaded The Witcher and it looks terrible:(

    Do you think ACER is working on an SDK for SpatialLabs?

    Without good SDK it is impossible to

    1. create innovative and efficient UX
    2. make the effect good enough for wider adaptation.

    I would really love to work with this problem, as I've build with my team once SDK for spatial hardware (it was for android and laser driven, but still)

    Developers, without such tool are unable to make those kind of games..

    I already made some designs for 3D puzzle games that would have great application on such an interface of SpatialLabs..

    ACER - can you hear us?