ACER Aspire A517-53G BIOS upgrade what would be the pros and cons of such an upgrade?

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Hi all, my ACER Aspire A517-53G with Windows 11 Pro came originally with BIOS 1.21_A_A. Today I was playing around with Windows Update and accidentally accepted to install the Insyde Software - Firmware -; and the BIOS…finished its update ok (is this the 2.02 version?).

In general, moving to the latest version would be ok, however I would like to know if I should expect issues. I mean, what would be the pros and cons of such an upgrade?.

Should I go back to the original 1.21 AA?

Thanks in advance for your support.


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  • eGomes
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    Hi @msnm4,

    The latest firmware UEFI / BIOS version available for your Aspire A517-53G is 2.02:;0

    Preferably, keep the latest version installed whenever possible!

  • msnm4
    msnm4 Member Posts: 3 New User

    Thanks for your reply. Are you saying that the version 2.02 from ACER website is the same than Insyde Software - Firmware - appearing in the windows update?

    If that is the case, great. Otherwise, that´s why I ask for pros and cons.

  • eGomes
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    Correct, Windows Update only installed this firmware (via a driver in Device Manager, which points to .FD file located in the C:\Windows folder), when current firmware of the your laptop's isn't updated with the latest version available by manufacturer.

  • msnm4
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    Ok, I guess I get what you mean, and if my understanding is correct, what I have now in C:\windows\Firmware\BIOS_2.02.FD should work the same as would the Bios 2.02 downloaded from ACER site and flashed to my computer?

    Thanks again for your help-

  • Puraw
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    You cannot roll back Bios versions, Windows11 won't allow that, accept Optional updates from Windows11, these are the latest drivers released by vendors for your laptop model, all Windows11 does is install the firmware and drivers on your system.

  • eGomes
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    Personally, I don't like the idea of ​​having Windows 11 (if it were XP I would even trust it) "updating" my laptop's UEFI firmware. And as a good 70's kid, I prefer to do it manually.

    But, there will come a time when this will no longer be possible:

  • Yes, it's the same version. The only difference is that windows update updates the bios through a .fd file.

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