cb281hk needs backlight replacement

habakkuk3178 Member Posts: 2 New User

I have a cb281hk monitor with a dim spot on the left. Does Acer sell replacement backlights? If so, how involved is the replacement process?


  • Commodore_1995#

    Hello! The inverter powers the backlight. Have you checked the inverter voltages? Beware of tensions!

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  • habakkuk3178
    habakkuk3178 Member Posts: 2 New User

    Haven't had it open at all yet. It's at my work place which has very clean power. Would it be related to the power coming into the monitor, or is the inverter an internal component routing power inside the monitor?

  • billsey
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    The inverter is an internal interface that converts line voltage to a DC voltage used by the LEDs that provide the back light. Unfortunately for this purpose, the display panel is a single unit with no separate wires for each of the backlight LEDs.

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