Planning to get a new laptop, Please share your experiences and suggestions

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Hello Acer community! I'm in the market for a new laptop and have been considering Acer laptops. I'd love to hear from those who have experience with Acer laptops. What are some of the standout features or advantages you've found in Acer laptops that have made them your preferred choice? Any specific models you'd recommend for different use cases, such as gaming, productivity, or multimedia? Your insights and recommendations would be very helpful as I make my decision.

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    The Acer range of their latest products of laptops, desktops or AIO PC use innovative designs to produce a quality top spec product for every budget, that is where I think that Acer shines, btw I've been using Acer since the 1990s so I've use a few of their products and aa a matter of a fact I'm sitil using their latops that are 15 years old

    Just as an example and with their latest and new released laptops, and as you mentioned "gaming, productivity, or multimedia" have a look at Acers latest either Nitro or Predator range of laptops, which imo are the best specs and value for money laptops around, have a look at the new PH18-71-99YM | NH.QKRSA.002 as a good example, with its i9-13900HX - GeForce® RTX™ 4080 - and with an upgrade to 32GB total ram at 2x 16GB DDR5-5600MHz type ram, this laptop will be right up there at the top and comparable with the best on the market. Or and if this quality laptop is too expensive than in this range there are cheaper alternative laptops like the Nitro range, of if you want a desktop than the Nitro and the Predator range are also compatible and way up there with the Predator range of desktops especially. Acer's has PCs for every budget. have a look at the Acer range as there is a laptop, desktop or an AIO for every application and/or budget.

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    Thanks for the detailed response i will consider it