Where can I report a firmware bug in the Acer monitor cbl272u?

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I have recently bought an Acer monitor cbl272u. After a few hours (and going in power save by Windows) the OSD menu is unavailable/frozen. The screen will also not switch to power save mode by Windows but stays enabled. Monitor is also not available anymore via the Windows Acer Display Widget. The firmware in the monitor is A second cbl272u monitor has the same problem. It seems that the problems are related to the DPS and the DDC/CI setting in the monitor under System. With both switched off the problem seems to occur less. The monitor is connected with HDMI to the onboard Intel graphics. Problem is occurring with both HDMI ports on the monitor. Motherboard is MSI B360M PRO-VDH (MS-7B24) and the CPU is Intel Core I3-8100. Where can I make a bug report?


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    Where can I make a bug report?

    Hover your mouse over one of the avatar's near the beginning of the who's online on the community's home page. Look for a forum moderator name that begins with Acer, like Acer-Ingrid or Acer-Samuel and send them a PM with your request.

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