The power light is amber and blinking -- how do I fix this?

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For the last 7-10 days, when I start my desktop computer and return to sign in, the P191w power light is amber and blinking. It is also ignoring the power button. It took about 3 minutes to recover so I could sign in and use the computer.

Before this, it was usually amber but not blinking. Moving the mouse was enough to turn it blue and show what the desktop computer was displaying.

In fact, when I signed on the last time, I did ctl-alt-delete (which my desktop computer has been requiring for several months now) and typed in my password without seeing the screen and in a few moments the second monitor came up and showed its screen. I was able to open programs that open on the P191W and then move them to the second monitor without seeing them. Whatever is happening, the computer itself is working.

Other threads discussing this for other equipment talks about battery problems, but there are no batteries in the relevant sense in my desktop computer (I suppose there is a small battery for the clock, but perhaps not). Certainly the display does not depend on the computer for power; it draws power from the standard house wiring.

I would like a solution to this problem, if one is known. If none is known, I would like to be told that explicitly.

I am using Windows 10 and I keep it up-to-date. Given the timing, it is possible that a recent Microsoft update is doing this. The P191W is connected via DVI, as the desktop computer requires that for the primary monitor.


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    Ive had this issue with other computers. My problem was a faulty gpu fan so your gpu is almost CERTANLY the culprit.

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    Thanks for responding.

    Did the monitor eventually recover — not permanently, but still becoming useable until the computer and the monitor were turned off?

    And then show the problem again when they were turned back on?

    I am using two monitors. The second one never does this. Before I sign in, it is in the normal "no signal" mode — black screen, solid orange power light (it is an Acer X193w). The one with the problem is using DVI; the X193w is using VGA.

    Online reading never seems to mention the monitor recovering after a while. It almost makes me wonder if last summer's heat did something to it and now it has to warm up because it is colder.