Aspire a514-54 501z What should i do? Upgrade ram or ssd?

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Hi! I have an Aspire a514-54 501z which I upgraded its ram from 4gb to 12gb. Due to the fact that I am a graphic design student and I use multiple adobe softwares at the same time, with large image files, my laptop needs more ram. Whenever I'm working in photoshop with a large file, my ram usage is in 95%, and my 256 ssd starts getting full because of virtual ram. I also have a 128 sdd which I also added to the list of virtual rams disks on photoshop.

So, what do you think I should do? I was thinking about buying 16gb ram to have 20gb of total ram. But do you think that wil solve my problem? Or is it better to buy a bigger ssd, to have more space for virtual ram?

My specs are:

i5 113567 2.40ghz

12gb ram (4 soldered + 8)

256 ssd + 128 ssd upgraded

intel xe graphics

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