acer one 8 t4-82l BLACK SCREEN I'm trying to turn on but no response.

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while updates are installing in acer one 8 t4-82l tablet,

suddenly turns off i'm trying to turn on but no response

there is no way to do other procedure
it shows black blank screen only.

even charging pin in screen didn't respond

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  • sri369
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    Chances are windows pushed in some driver update that messed your system. Try to boot up into recovery mode and revert to pre-updates time. And disable driver updates via windows update.

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    Unfortunately, Acer has NO Android OS support, as you can't get anything on the Acer One T4-82L tablet, if this tablet is under Acer 12 months warranty, then send your tablet to Acer Tech Support in your country so that Acer can fix any faults and fix them. These tablets are hard to open and attempting to open these tablets incorrectly will damage them, so be very careful.