I'm looking for thermal pads for my Triton 300se (pt-314-51s)

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I'm looking for thermal pads for my Triton (it's on i5 and rtx3060), but can't find anything, maybe smb changed it. It would be nice if sombedy answer sth. about this🙃

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  • StevenGen
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    Thermal pads are not listed as a part number in your PT315-51s model SG, you need to use the existing pads as a guide, so measure them and their thickness and order replacement pads to suite, a good quality thermal pads and paste are the Thermal Grizzly range, so look at their range as it will be allot better than what Acer has fitted to your laptop.

    This is a guide of where the thermal pads and CPU / GPU paste is placed on your PT315-51s laptops components: