My Laptop Touchscreen is not working_Acer LAPTOP-530BSJII

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My Laptop touchscreen is not working not sure what's the issue. However, the stylus / Pen is working fine. Could you help me to provide a solution here.


  • SergeyGavrilyuk
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    • You might try reinstalling the drivers.
  • Harsh_2023
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    thanks for the response could you guide me with steps to reinstall the drivers

  • SergeyGavrilyuk
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    • 1. Find your product by serial number

    2. Download & Install drivers

  • StevenGen
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    What is your laptops model number, it should be on a sticker on the back like a new Spin has this model number A5 (Aspire 5) SP14-51MTN-52Q1 which is a Spin, so look at the exact model number and get back to us.

  • Hello! Are there any driver problems in the device manager?

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