Acer Nitro 5 AN515-43-R3TY power and charging light blinking

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So, I bought a third-party charger back in September 3 of this year. Everything was the same on the spec sheet except for the DC size, which was 5.5 x 11.7mm instead of 5.5 x 10.0mm. I asked the salesperson/technician, 'Besides it being loose, it should work fine, right?' and they said yes. After using the charger for a month now, it occasionally shows the blinking power and charger light during high performance. The charger is still under warranty. What should I do now?

I'm now even suspecting if the battery or charging port has the problem.

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    You wrote: "5.5 x 10.0mm"?

    I think you may have the inside diameter of the pin barrel confused, that should be 1.7mm (see picture) not 11.7mm and the original pin may have been 1.1mm inside diameter not 10.0mm which explains why the 1.7mm plug hangs loose in the DC port (almost 2x the pin diameter inside the DC jack of your DC port). This is a very bad situation as it must be a perfect tight fit with an audible click when the plug is fully inserted in the DC port and could well explain your charging issues. There are no 5.5mm x 1.1mm plugs only 3.0mm x 1.1mm, are you sure about the original plug size being 5.5mm? A 5.5mm would not fit in a 3.0mm DC port unless you force it in and break the port. Metal barrel Pin length is 9.5 mm, maybe that is the 10.0mm you mentioned? If the DC port of your laptop indeed supports 5.5mm x 1.7mm x 9.5mm than you probably have the correct adapter. You can get a new adapter between $20-$30 online so that is not a big deal, good batteries are twice that much.