Acer tc 1760 clicking noise and my desktop will not start, black screen issue

Bryston Member Posts: 2 New User

hi, my desktop will not start , black screen, when I plug the power the fan will turn but I keep hearing clicking noise. Nothing else will power , I can’t open the cd drive.
Any advice

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  • StevenGen
    StevenGen ACE Posts: 8,483 Trailblazer

    These symptoms are from either the PSU or bios, you need to tell us exactly where the clicking noise is coming from as imo its the PSU if its the bios then it needs to be either reset with also clearing the CMOS and rebooting or the bios might need a compete reprogramming or even replacing. Take your desktop to an experienced technician and get your desktop checked out.

  • Larryodie
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    Try removing the battery, unplug and hold overnight OR just try holding the power button for 30 seconds and release then reboot

    I'm assuming that you have unplugged the DVD drive and eliminating RAM .

    Does it have a mechanical hard drive ?

  • Bryston
    Bryston Member Posts: 2 New User


    No mechanical drive

  • billsey
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    Most likely the PSU then.

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