laptop E5-571-31J6 Change the ML1220 CMOS battery to CR2032 is possible?

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I wonder if it is possible to change the ML1220 CMOS battery to Cr2032 if I solder a battery holder?

The laptop is an E5-571-31J6 and I can't find where I am living, the mentioned battery. But I realized there is space on the motherboard for the other one.

Just like the keyboard. I bought it with keyboard without backlight. There is a connector for the backlight, I bought one with it, and it is working.

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    If the bigger CR2032 battery and its new case will fit? I can't see any problems except that the CR2032 battery has way more nominal capacity of +208 mAh and its size is bigger than the ML1220 battery by 8mm (5/16") diameter and its 1mm (1/32") thicker.

    The advantage that the CR2032 battery has and why its used as an RTC/BIOS battery on virtually all PCs, is because its got a a good nominal capacity of 225 (mAh) while the ML1220 battery has a nominal capacity of only 17 (mAh) which is way less. So, changing to the CR2032 battery will make your Aspire E5-571-31J6 RTC/BIOS chip 3.3V requirement last longer with the CR2032 battery.

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