I have acer aspire E15 ES1-571-P4ZR I want to use external gpu which best compatible?

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After getting good gpu do i need to upgrade bios?


  • StevenGen
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    To spend money on a 4th Gen laptop that to make its graphics perform anywhere close or near to the lower RTX gpu laptops of today, you need to buy an eGPU setup with a gpu like the RTX3060 or for the minimum an eGPU setup with an eGPU of a GTX1650 gpu. You would be much better off buying an Acer gaming laptop like the new Nitro 5 with either the 12th Gen cpu and RTX 30 series gpu's or even the latest 13th Gen cpu with the 40 series gpu's. Don't waste your time and money upgrading the Aspire E15 ES1-571-P4ZR laptop as it will never ever be as good as a 10th or 11th or 12 or 13th Gen CPU with either a GTX-16 or RTX-30 or RTX-40 series gpu's.

    If you still want to persist then with the 4th Gen cpu of the Aspire E15 ES1-571-P4ZR a good setup for an eGPU card for this processor, chose like an RTX 3060 that is the best option. however, if you want a budget-friendly graphics card then the GTX 1650 is also compatible with it.