Acer scooter ES5 is there any "easy" way to change the limit?

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Hello, I want to buy Acer ES5 in my native country (it's much cheaper), there is limit to 20km/h, in country where I live there is limit to 25km/h, is there any "easy" way to change the limit?

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    The Acer ES Series 5 eScooter - AES015 comes in different specs to comply with every countries road rules, If you change anything on an Acer product the warranty will be voided and also you will be breaking your countries road laws by modifying this scooter, so be warned as we DO NOT advise you to do that to the Acer ES Series 5 eScooter - AES015 as its illegal!

    Also be aware, that there is a very good reason why in your country 20km/h is the max limit for a none license EV rider to ride on a scooter that has a max speed of 20km/h top speed and not 25km/h. Btw, in my country Australia its 25km/h for none licensed EV bikes, which is very unfortunate, as we just had a case in Brisbane (one of our major cities) where a very tragic accident happened with a young 14yo kid, who died from having an accident with one of these EV rentals, as he was going too fast and not wearing a helmet and if the limit of our EVs would have been 20km/h he probably would have survived?

    So be VERY careful as I'm speaking and advising you from my personal family tragedy that we experienced in 1981 and we were told by experienced brain injury specialist, that a human brain can't sustain a greater direct impact of more than 15km/h, as if it does, you will become a fatality, I know as my brother died from head injuries from a motorcycle accident (my avatar is his 1980 DUCATI 500 Pantha bike that I restored and he had the accident with) and that is what happened to him and he was wearing the best approved full face helmet (that GP riders were wearing in those days) and all the appropriate riding gear but the impact to his head was more than that direct 15km/h and he never survived. Good luck and be very careful and I hope I've helped you out to prolonging your life👍

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    Thanks a lot for answer, fully agreed and understood. In my country a lot of drunk people are using EV scooter to back home from party and 20km/h it is 20 too many but currently I'm using bicycle to get to the work, and my speed is about 25km/h, I always use helmet and the road for bicycles is separated from the cars. I think that when you use EV scooter responisbly there is no worry about max speed 25km/h. In my opinion 30km/h + it is too much for scooter but 25km/h in safe conditions it is just right.