Predator PO3-630 Opinion on PSU and what to do?

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I have a Predator PO3-630 system which has started to encounter some harsh sounds coming from the PSU and sometimes I hear it over the headset when in games. I recently encountered this issue playing games for longer then 5 minutes and it's getting to the point where it's really concerning me. I'm not familiar with PSU's and I'm learning as I go now but I am wondering if this should be checked out or if it's time to upgrade?

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    The Predator PO3-630 desktop has a proprietary Acer type PSU with 2x mainboard ATX2-4-Pin ATX power connector and an ATX3-4-Pin ATX power connector and the 24pin modular ATX PSUs will not work with your desktop. If you have a faulty PSU, you will either have to take the PSU to Acer Tech Support or to a tech in your area that has the experience to analyze/fix this PSU or change the PSU for a new unit (see below captioonm).

    Any noise coming from a PSU could be from its fan or other components inside. Be WARNED as its NOT recommended to take a PSU apart and/or to be fixed by an inexperienced person that doesn't have knowledge of electronic hazards, as PSUs have two hazards that need to be followed and avoided when opening their boxes:

    • A PSU has stored high voltage (200V or so) on the "input" side of the unit.
    • A PSU has stored high currents (tens of amps) on the "output" side of the unit.

    Here are the PSUs fitted to your PO3-630 desktop