Acer TravelMate B Pen not working and can't download acer hover access

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I'm currently struggling to get the stylus to work on my Acer TravelMate B. It was previously connected and has had the battery and the tip replaced. Is there any way that I check what is wrong with the pen? I can't seem to find 'Acer Hover Access' on the laptop and I'm unsure on how to download it. I've checked the drivers and all seem to be fine.

Any help would be appreciate, and thank you in advance.

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    Go to this LINK to download, unzip and install the hover access app.

    Jack E/NJ

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    More detailed help is going to require we know just which Travelmate B model you have. There have been a lot of them over the years… Your full model number is usually on the same sticker as your serial number, it should look something like TMBxx-xxx-xxxx.

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