Acer VG272U - cannot achieve higher refresh rate than 60Hz after Win 11 upgrade

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Recently I have upgraded my PC to Win 11. When I try to change the refresh rate through Windows Settings / Device Manager → Device Properties / NVIDIA Control Panel I get the same

1. I confirm 144 Hz and click Apply
2. The monitor goes dark
3. The monitor searches all the ports for source signal
4. Did not find it - the information "No Signal"
5. The settings revert to 60 Hz

In order to remediate issue, I have:
1) Upgraded my GPU drivers
2) Updated Win 11 (all updates apart from optional and preview)
3) Updated the monitor drivers - according to the drop down list these are Win 11 64bit supported

I am using the same cable (not HDMI 1.0) as with Win 10 where there was no issue, so the last troubleshooting stage for me is the monitor itself.

Do you know what is the issue and how to handle it?


  • StevenGen

    What PC model have you got? As going to the Desktop > right click and chose > Display Settings > go down to Advanced display > Change the 60Hz refresher rate on the right side, as you should be able to change the setting from 60Hz to 144Hz if it worked with Win-10, as Win-11 is the same OS and your monitor or PC haven't changed their refresher rates and Win-11 will work with 144Hz refresher rate if the monitor worked in Win-10. Otherwise you have a problem with your PC and its graphics in Win-11.

  • PL_Piotr
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    GPU is Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC, with updated drivers.
    I was using Win 10 LTSC, and needed to upgrade to Win 11 Pro.

    As for the instructions, i tried to change refresh rate through Display Settings, through the Device Manager and through NVIDIA Control Panel - the result is the same.

    My current clue is: the monitor driver tagged as Win 11 64bit is the same as Win 10 64bit, as below:

    The date of upload is also the same (Version 1.0, 2019/10/17)

    I am not sure if this is a bug from the Acer side, maybe a different file should be linked regarding the latest driver, for Win 11?

    Additional clue:
    - does different HDMI ports on GPU can have a different support for refresh rate?
    - does different HDMI ports on monitor can have a different support for refresh rate?

    Cable I am using is HDMI 2.0 at least, and have not changed, so I consider it to be working.

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    The Acer VG272U monitor Version 1.0 is the same for all windows versions, if you look at all of them, and the HDMI 2.0 cable should work 100% with 144Hz refresher rates (min for 144Hz refresher is HDMI 1.3), also what is the desktop model that you are using and have this Acer VG272U monitor connected to and the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC gpu installed into, as you still haven't answered that? Is it an Acer desktop or your own build desktop PC or what?

    The correct driver from Nvidia for Win-11 for the Gigabyte RTX 3080 Eagle OC gpu is the NVidia GeForce Game Ready Driver - Version 537.42 WHQL for Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 11 and its very important that you install this driver with the CUSTOM options > Clean Install so that all previous NVidia drivers are deleted before this new version 537.42 is installed. Try that as there is something else that is wrong with your system besides the HDMI cable, gpu driver.