Predator P03-630 Cooler Change and I'm suddenly getting very big cpu temperatures

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Hello! I have a po3-630 with i5 11400F / rtx 3060ti.

I'm suddenly getting very big cpu temperatures, up to 90C with just google chrome.

Since going behind the motherboard is impossible, is there an cooler that can fit on the place of the stock one? (see image)

(the screenshot is from a yt vid from a guy changing a cpu on a 620,don't know what are the differences but this part looks the same).

If not, can I please get help on how to install a different cooler as current one seems to have died (I saw some links with inserting some screws, but I'd need more details as I'm not that understanding of this)

Thanks A LOT if someone can help!

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  • chugzilla
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    yeah, you can install any cooler there as long as it fits and like the rest of us you need the screws to mount the brackets that hold the cooler into those posts in the red circles. now on my 5000 i put a Noctua NH-U12A and had to use 4x3mx10mm screws. not sure what exactly fits your case but if you leave the side panel off technically anything will fit then heh.

  • specijalac_
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    Just a question for the screws, do I need just the screws or those black rubbery things too? Any idea how they are called? 😂

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    If you do a forum search you'll find that there are many posts and even few tutorials about updating po3-630s cooling.

    Noctua all the way. The way to install the cooler is the same for 620 and 630.