aspire 3 Laptop stuck on updates

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hello, my aspire 3 laptop is stuck on an update loop. It says Updates are Underway, please keep computer on, then quickly changes to a restarting loops, shows the axed screen and then does the same thing over and over again. Please help! I have left it like this for a few days and no change.

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    Are you sure your internet is working OK? Check that first. Abort the updating loop by pressing the Power Button on the keyboard for 6 seconds and wait a few minutes. Reboot and as soon as you see the Acer Logo press the Alt+F10 keys, this will open the Windows Recovery OS (blue screens) with the Troubleshoot menu. In advanced there is an option to Uninstall that problem update, also consider System Restore to an earlier point (red frames picture below):

    Reboot and do your system maintenance as the update will start again. Click on Check Updates and Click on the Pause updates option (up to 5 weeks). Now do your routine maintenance like uninstalling 3rd-party AV programs and browsers, get rid of your bloatware, check that Windows security and Defender have green check marks for all options, check Secure Boot is on and check for junk and delete redundant update files with Storage sense, click on the Temporary bin in storage sense (left bottom) and scan for Windows old update files that can be safely purged. Run the Update Troubleshooter and finally paste these 2 commands in the Command Prompt opened as administrator: Dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth must complete successfully rerun if command stalls, then this one: SFC /scannow that must complete with "Found no integrity violations", rerun till you get that result. Reboot and you can now click on Check for Updates.