Predator Helios 300 (Ph315-54) Won’t turn on

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A few days ago, my laptop started working only on charger for some reason. If I disconnected the charger, it would power instantly. I took the back off today, disconnected the battery and plugged it back in. Tried powering back on the laptop and it worked! Cool. Closed it back up, brought it to my desk and set it up to play some games, and it wouldn’t turn on again. It starts to power on, turbo light turns on, power light turns on like it’s gonna boot, and then it just stops. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting again to no avail. I disconnected the battery, held power for 60 seconds, plugged battery back in and set it on the charger untill the charging light was blue indicating full charge. Still Will not turn on. I took the battery off completely and plugged in the charger and tried to turn it on, same thing, power light came on, turbo light came on, but computer will not start and lights turn off after a few seconds. I just ordered a new battery online. What do you guys think?


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    2-year-old battery should not fail like that, I rather suspect the 230-Watt power adapter or are you using a USB-C charger for the Thunderbolt 4, USB port? If you are only using a USB-C charger make sure it is at least 90-Watt and this type:

  • Hello! Is your computer under warranty? If it is not under warranty and you have experience with electronics, check if the 19v voltage is arriving at the dcin with a multimeter:

    I'm thinking that the power adapter is tripping, because there must be a short in the 19v voltage. If the voltage at the dcin is oscillating, it may indicate a short in the two input mosfets or in some component at the 19v voltage. Perhaps, the best option is to send the laptop for repair.

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