Minor touchpad scrolling issue (Acer Nitro 5)

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I often use pinch zooming on my AN5, and generally default to scrolling with the space bar. However just today I've started noticing that after pressing space when zoomed in via pinch zooming, the page I'm on will sometimes just scroll either slightly or continuously by itself.

It seems too slow to be caused by the space bar and only appears to occur when the pinch zooming is also being used, but doesn't seem to be affected by whether my hands are still on the touchpad. I'm not aware of any settings that have changed on either my web browser or laptop, but have noticed this occurring across multiple sites including Google searches and Wikipedia.

Done a bit of digging and seen a couple issues here and there but none that seem to match this exactly, so if anyone's aware of what might fix it or if there's a setting I've accidentally changed, please let me know!


  • Puraw
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    My touchpad scrolling with Aspire 5 is done with two fingers, you can change the scrolling direction in Windows setting Gestures. Spacebar scrolling only works in my Edge browser, not related to Pinch-Zoom and touchpad. I don't know how that works with a Nitro 5.

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    Yeah, the two-finger scrolling is an option for me too but I guess I've just normalised scrolling with space bar and will always default to that.

    Tried messing around with the settings a little prior to asking here but nothing that seemed to quite fir (or fix) the issue. It's extra weird as there doesn't seem to be a pattern to it - sometimes one tap of the space bar will be followed by a tiny moment of extra scrolling, sometimes it keeps going for like 3-4 seconds, without me doing anything different. Baffled, honestly.

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    Further information: It seems the issue also occurs if I'm scrolling with the down arrow - in fact, scrolling down a large amount of text by holding the down arrow will quickly cause it to change from the down arrow scrolling to the much slower autoscroll that sometimes doesn't seem to stop unless I take off the pinch zoom.

    Really at a loss as to what has suddenly started causing this. I don't think it's a hardware issue but no settings appear to have altered and I don't think I've accidentally changed anything.