XV272U Pbmiiprzx Firmware Update?

PNCDomo Member Posts: 4 New User

Have been having issues with the XV272U Pbmiiprzx, it's not reaching 400 nits. I've tried all the settings and messed with them, factory resets, but nothing. Only possible solution is the firmware update that many have said increased the brightness a lot but seems like the page has been taken down too download it. Is there a program that I have too download? Why would Acer take down the download for it? I've tried everything and feel like returning the monitor and just going for another brand.


  • The patch hasn't been taken down from the Acer Drivers & Manuals for the XV272U Monitor, try this link here Firmware PS5 VRR - Version V001.196C and install the patch and see if you can get more brightness out of this monitor.

    Note: your monitor will never ever reach its Peak 400nits specs of brightness, this monitor operates at a Native Nits level of between a range of 300 to 350nits and it might max consistently at up to 375nits occasionally or at peak and for split seconds to 400nits, but this monitor will never ever operate at that 400nits brightness levels all the time. Below are the full specs of your monitor, so study them closely, as there is nothing wrong with your monitor, if there is, then these monitors are such waste environmentally that you will have to get rid of it and buy a new one, as repairing these monitors are financially worthless.

  • PNCDomo
    PNCDomo Member Posts: 4 New User

    Just to make sure I do this correctly, how do I download the firmware patch?

  • StevenGen
    StevenGen ACE Posts: 8,348 Trailblazer
    edited September 26

    Get Acer Tech Support to do the firmware update for you, they will only charge a minimal fee, or get an experienced technician in your area, as if you don't know how to do this firmware patch update, then you could brick the monitor and then you will have to take the monitor to the above anyway.😀 have a look at this community post "How to update the firmware of the XV272UV Vbmiiprx" as its virtually the same as your monitor.

    Warning: if you don't know how to do a firmware update or never ever done a monitor firmware update, then don't attempt to do this update, as its a big chance that you will brick your monitor, note "I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY" in what you do or whatever all the suggested Acer community link guides or advice is 100% correct, so be aware and warned about the risks!

  • Puraw
    Puraw ACE, Member Posts: 5,008 Pathfinder

    I agree with StevenGen, all basic internal and external monitors run at maximum 300 nits brightness regardless of what is implied by vendors. If you want to play HDR you need an OLED laptop that can reach 1000 nits. Don't try to flash monitor firmware without a valid reason.

  • PNCDomo
    PNCDomo Member Posts: 4 New User

    The thing is that compared to my hp x24ih that I now use as my second monitor, the difference in brightness is absolutely insane even though it's rated at 350 nits. I don't want to use HDR since I've heard it's not great (HDR400) but I just want to to be nice and bright like my hp for games and reading text. The colors just look so much better. The only thing that's nicer about the Acer is its resolution.

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