[Win11] PC won't wake from sleep with 3 Acer monitors Acer XV272U connected.

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I am currently using an Acer XV272U as my main monitor, and two XV271U M3 monitors as my side monitors. I recently upgraded my side monitors to the XV271U M3s, from two Asus monitors which were only 1080p/60hz (as opposed to 1440p/144hz) and ever since, my Windows 11 desktop has been unable to wake from sleep.

During troubleshooting, I identified that the computer will wake from sleep if any two of the three monitors are enabled (the third being disabled via "Disconnect this Display"), but when all three are active, it will not wake.

Furthermore, I tried updating Nvidia drivers as part of the troubleshooting process, and when the drivers reset, the same issue occurred as when I wake from sleep. Every time this occurs, my only course of action is to force power off my PC and restart. I do not typically have any issues when booting my computer, but this morning it did occur one time.

Below I will list some of my attempted resolutions. All of the following made no noticeable change. The only solution that did work (using two monitors) is unacceptable:

  • Turning off "Link State Power Management" within Win11 settings.
  • Updating Nvidia RTX drivers (currently running the latest version, 537.42).
  • Unplugging / plugging back in one or more of the monitors / power cycling them.
  • Turning off "Auto Input" in monitor settings.
  • Using Win+Ctrl+Shift+B to reset graphics driver when it occurs.
  • "powercfg -h off" followed by an "sfc /scannow" in Command Prompt.
  • Moving two of the three power plugs to a different outlet (Assuming the new monitors draw more power).

Furthermore, here is relevant PC information:

  • OS: Windows 11 Home
  • GPU: Nvidia RTX 3070 (all 3 monitors plugged into this GPU)
    • Two monitors (the XV272U and one XV271U M3) use HDMI, the other XV271U M3 uses DisplayPort.
  • CPU: 13th Gen Intel i9-13900k
  • MOBO: MSI MAG B660 Tomahawk Wifi DDR4

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