Is that a good amount of thermal paste ? Aspire 7

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Is that a good amount of thermal paste ?!


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    No, it looks like too much, when you install the heatsink it will overflow, I would suggest a size of a rice grain of paste at he centre of the CPU and install the heatsink and let it spread the paste, make sure that you don't overtighten the screws when installing heatsink, hand tight should be sufficient.

  • Just in addition, spread the paste thinly over the allocated cpu/gpu and vcore chips intended paste space on the intended areas and NOT with blobs like you have, as you have way too much paste on there, as all that paste will overflow and make a huge mess that will have no effect on dissipating heat of what the thermal paste should do.

  • I usually apply a grain of rice and then use a spatula to spread the thermal paste. This way, the thermal paste is spread correctly.

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    In addition, I would not recommend using the thermal paste for VRAM because of the high gap. Instead, you should use the 1mm thermal pad for better heat dissipation.

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