HDMI port on docking station not working to connect monitor to nitro 5 laptop

Maxineschultze Member Posts: 2 New User

Hi everyone, I'm not that great with computers but I'm trying to connect a monitor to my laptop using a usb c docking station. The plan is to have three screens including my laptop, I have my drawing tablet plugged into the laptop's only HDMI port and that's working fine, and when I plug the monitor into said laptop HDMI port it also works fine. It's just the HDMI port on the docking station that won't connect. The usb ports on the docking station work fine to connect stuff like my scanner, just not the HDMI ports. Does the nitro 5 not support two extra monitors? Can I not connect a monitor through a usb c port? Is it because my computer is old? I've had it for a couple years and the model is N20C1. Any help would be appreciated :)