Aspire 7 A515-76G Slow Boot even if all startup items are turned off (but quick boot in Safe Mode)

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i am having a problem with my Acer Aspire 7 A515-76G laptop. It is booting very slowly, taking a long time to get past the Acer logo. However, when I boot into Safe Mode, it starts up quickly.

I have already tried turning off all startup items, but this has not solved the problem. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and, if so, if they have found a solution.

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    That indicates a rogue driver slowing down the booting to Windows. The best way is to run MSconfig.exe click on Safe Boot and minimal boot and disable all non-Windows services minus any two and click on Apply. Reboot and repeat the process each time enabling some more services till the boot time gets slow. A very tedious process but effective. A shortcut is, in Msconfig.exe don't check Safe boot but only check the Base Video box and click on Apply. If lucky this setting boots fast and the GPU driver(s) are causing the slow booting. In that case uninstall your display drivers with DDU in safe mode, check internet is working and reboot. Windows will reinstall the GPU drivers. There is another way to check what driver is causing the slow booting in Event Viewer if you have diagnostics turned on in Windows Privacy settings and are not using Fast Startup (Power Plan) otherwise you won't have these logs in Application and Services logs-Microsoft-Diagnostics-Performance-Operational: My last boot time was 30 sec. that is a bit slow. to analyze these boot logs Google for tutorials, some are in computer time some are in milli sec

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