How do I "unmute" my laptop speaker?

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I had a problem with MS the other day and they finally did a system reset. Since then, my laptop speakers do not work and when I plug in my headset (no microphone), it's not recognized. I need to be able to listen to some YouTube videos and can't. Please help!


  • Puraw
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    Assuming you are running Windows10-11, and you have Realtek speakers, uninstall RTK drivers in Safe Mode with DDU from Wagnardsoft (freeware) and make sure internet is working, just reboot, Windows will reinstall the best driver for your speakers.

    Note: DDU is primarily used for uninstalling AMD, Intel and Nvidia GPU drivers but it also handles Realtek audio drivers. When your RTK audio console is deleted just install "Realtek Audio Controller" (same as Console) from the Windows Store. When you plug a headset in the audio port you should get a Windows prompt "what are you inserting" with a choice. If you don't see that prompt the adapter is not turned on or you are using the wrong 3.5mm RCA plug. Also check your sound settings if the speakers and microphone are turned on.