Is P11-A3 bios version compatible with intel i5 4440?

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Im currently using Veriton M2630G and wanted to upgrade my cpu from celeron g1820 to intel i5 4440 what bios version is compatible with i5


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    If your machine originally shipped with factory-installed P11-A1/3 or P21-A1 firmware, it should already be 4th gen I5 compatible. Do NOT try to update the firmware since the BIOS chip likely does not support UEFI functionality.

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    First, you need to check your BIOS version, then and click on BIOS. Then read this and download the correct BIOS version: 

    Note : Upgrading your system BIOS incorrectly could harm your Acer product. Please proceed with caution.;0

    Desktop versions:
    P01.xx can only be updated using P01.xx versions
    P11.xx can only be updated using P11.xx versions (normally P11.xx version are labeled "*not for upgrades")
    "L" BIOS versions are Linux OS dedicated (example P01.xxL)

    * what does it mean "not for upgrades"?
    During the Windows 7 to 8 transition, some PC models had different BIOS versions from the factory, related to the installed OS.
    Windows 8 PC got a UEFI BIOS
    Windows 7 PCs got a "Legacy" BIOS
    So PC with Windows 7 installed from the factory can't use the "not for upgrades" BIOS version, even if they were upgraded to Windows 8 or 10, since the factory BIOS was a different version compared to PC with Windows 8 from the factory.
    unzip the downloaded file, browse to the WIN folder of the unzipped files, and run the flash.bat file