Can a Nitro 5 with Thunderbolt 4 connect multiple monitors to the dGPU?

MKumar14 Member Posts: 1 New User

I have 2 non-gaming monitors. Via a USB C dock, I see that the monitors are using the iGPU. When I connect one of the monitors to the laptop via HDMI, it uses the dGPU. Is there a way to connect both monitors to the dGPU?


  • StevenGen

    The only way to connect twin monitors and have a spanned or continuous image spanning two monitors is to use a USB-C Thunderbolt hub that connects to your Thunderbolt port of your laptop, and connect the twin monitors to that hub, you can’t use twin monitors with a spanned image to a HDMI hub. The twin monitors that you have don't specifically use a particular GPU like the iGPU or the dGPU, your laptop automatically switches to these two GPUIs as the quality of the graphics increase, with the standard or lower needed everyday graphics, the laptop uses the iGPU of the CPU but as the graphics quality increases, the laptop automatically changes to the dGPU as needed and necessary to give the best quality graphics to your monitors, that is how the iGPU and the dGPU work in your laptop. The only way that you can change so that your monitors are using the dGPU, is to set the NVidia Control Panel > Program Setting for each software/games individually to the High-performance NVidia processor as a custom setting.