Could anyone help on WiFi and Bluetooth Driver issue on Nitro AN515-57

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I have an Nitro AN515-57 laptop and have installed and uninstalled windows 10, windows 11 and Ubuntu couple of times of resolve the issue of Wi-Fi Driver and Bluetooth, but the Drivers would work for couple of hours and than stop working automatically and if I check the drivers in Device Manager it won't show even their. I have tried the all the official Drivers from the Acer website and also tried with the help of Intel Driver and Support Assistant but hard luck. Could anyone help me on this as I have been facing this issue for more

than 4 months and tried every Youtube video.


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    You are not alone with problems with the Killer 1650i Intel AX201.NGWG Wi-Fi/BT card which from allot of users, is a problematic card in either its Bluetooth or its Wi-Fi. Intel have not done anyone any Favours by taking Killer over and ruining the quality and especially their drivers to make them incompatible and so problematic for users. I don’t know if you are having the same problem as I’m having with my Nitro AN515-56 laptop, but on my Nitro laptop, the Bluetooth section refuses to pair and it takes ages to make the Bluetooth workable, and also on my AN515-56 the Bluetooth part of this card doesn’t work on any other driver except the Acer supplied oem version dated 2/16/2021 driver and will not work on the Acer supplied driver that your AN515-57 version does.

    The Wi-Fi section of the AX1650i works 100% and perfectly with the latest Intel Wi-Fi drivers and never ever disconnects and/or refuses to work or freezes or crashes with the latest Win-11 Intel driver version 22.240.0, which is the last Intel driver as of this post.

    Note: I’ve also tested my Nitro 5 AN515-56 with a different Wi-Fi/BT card the Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX211 Gig+ but this card does not work with my AN515-56 laptop at all, I’ve tried the latest Bluetooth driver version 22.250.0 and the latest Wi-Fi driver version 22.240.0 for this card, but it didn’t work with either of these new drivers or any of the older Wi-Fi or BT drivers, so be aware of this in case you want to upgrade to a different or similar Wi-Fi/BT card.

    The only solution I suggest is to completely uninstall both Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth drivers in Device Manager and Control Panel for BT and only install the oem Acer Wi-Fi/BT drivers provided by Acer for your AN515-57 laptop like the:

    • Bluetooth Driver – earliest 2021 driver or the 2022 driver
    • Wireless LAN Driver – earliest 2021 driver or the 2022 driver

    Try these two drivers and see if the card operates 100%, if not then I would suggest replacing your Wi-Fi/BT card with a new AX1650i card as your card could be faulty and that is why its not working 100%, as that is what I’m doing as I’ve got a new card also on order from eBay and its coming on a slow boat from China,😁 virtually as it takes ages for any shipments from China these days! I will let you know if I can get the Bluetooth working on the newer Intel Win-11 Bluetooth drivers. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

  • Hello! I advise disconnecting the lithium battery, the main and auxiliary wlan cables and the wlan from the main board. Check if there is any oxidized terminal or shorted component of the wlan:

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