A515-56acer devices India have SN as well as SNID but when we try to Use them IT just does not Work?

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Ok so I have Acer's laptop, to be exact A515-56 but when I try to look for drivers or About the laptop using it's SN or SNID It just does not Exist for Some Reason.. Let's Talk About this Guys.. I mean I think everyone in Other countries Have Not faced such Issue.. Let me Know if You have faced This.. I even have mailed them about this but naah they just say this does not exist.. like the snid is not there… Also Mention from which country you're from So I can Know If such Issue is there with you too.. Also Can't forget to mention that I have a 721$ laptop but It does not have backlit KB, Neither It has Fingerprint, but got 1tb HDD and 256gb SSD, Let me know your config

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    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with logging into the Acer Drivers & Manuals for your Aspire A515-56 laptop, but you have to be aware that some of the Acer country site are down at certain times and you have to try to get onto other country sites for the same model as they have the same drivers and if they don't, then Acer describes the countries that their drivers are specific for.

    Go to this Aspire A515-56 Acer Drivers & Manuals site and see if this site works for you in India, as this site worked for me perfectly for your Aspire A515-56 laptop.

    With the keyboard backlights on the new Aspire laptops, not all Aspire versions have a keyboard light, so be aware of that as yours might not have that option in India for cost savings reasons. I've got a 2022 Aspire A515-57-56VU that is an Intel 12th Gen I5-1235U/16GB DDR4-3200/PCIe4x4 512GB M.2 SSD drive laptop, which is the next and a newer Aspire model up from your Aspire A515-56 and my Aspire has a backlight on its keyboard, just to advise you, that the backlight on my keyboard is not efficient and you can hardly notice it in daytime, as you need total darkness for the thinly marked keyboard digits and its lights to be noticed, so having a backlight on an Aspire keyboard is NO big deal as its virtually useless and its NOT like the better Acer gaming laptops like the Nitro or the Predator gaming laptops backlight keyboards, that are very noticeable in daylight and are 100% more efficient, so be aware of this factor,.