Screen black and not waking up after switching power source Helios 18 PH18-71-93CJ

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quite often when I disconnect my Helios 18 (mini-led display variant PH18-71-93CJ) from the power source, close the lid go somewhere else and connect to power again and open the laptop again the screen stays black although I can see from the keyboard light that it is switched on.

Win11 Updates, Predator Sense, nvidia graphics driver are the latest and I have this problem for several months now and was always hoping the next update would fix it but this problem persists and is pretty annoying because I always have to perform a hard reboot (long pressing power button) and lose all my unsaved progress in open files/software..

Please let me know if there is a fix to this…

I really love this machine regarding it's hardware but all of the software issues are a huge drawback :(

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    It is the new "S0 Modern Standby" protocol in Windows11 superseding the legacy S3 Sleep mode of W10. Disable hibernate and Fast Startup in Power Plan and change the actions of the lid to do nothing on opening and sleep mode when closing the lid (Power Plan). Reset Balanced Power Plan to factory defaults and see if that helps. To wake from sleep, press any key. Try not to use the Power Key (keyboard) other than for booting. To go in sleep mode close the lid or press the F1 (Zzzz) key (that may be a different key on your laptop).

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    There are several updates for the embedded controller (super io), see:

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