predator G3 710 PSU Upgrade advice what kind of power supply I would need to upgrade

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so I have a predator, G3 710 and I just wanted to know what kind of power supply I would need to upgrade to because I bought an RX 6600 and I’m stuck at the boot screen so I’m looking at 750w power supplies but I just need to know what one might fit in my PC

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  • Your Predator G3-710 Desktop has an Acer fitted 500W PSU that should be adequate for the AMD Radeon RX-6600 GPU as this GPU has a recommended minimum PSU of 450W. it’s advisable that you have a 30% upper level of power for your PC which would mean that at recommended 450W for the gpu plus 30% the recommended total should be a PSU of 585W but a 600W PSU or even 650W PSU would be ideal for this desktop

    G3-710 desktop oem PSU, check its if this PSU is suitable and has all the proper conections for your new gpu.

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    The form factor for your PSU is a standard ATX, with the 24 pin motherboard connector, so most third party supplies will work just fine.

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