Bluetooth no longer on my acer swift SF313-53

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Today I got up and my bluetooth mouse wouldn't work. When I trouble shoot it is telling me I no longer have bluetooth on my computer. I've tired uninstalling the driver (unfortunately I couldn't even find one with bluetooth radio next to it like the internet told me), I may have even uninstalled something else bluetooth related. I've been on the acer site, tired downloading and installing the bluetooth driver. I can't get anything to work. Any suggestions?


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    Don't worry whatever you uninstalled will be reinstalled by Windows10. I would first try to restore your system to an earlier point, type Restore in Search and click on Create a restore point and click on System Restore, select the date just before your BT issue. If you don't have restore points because that important Windows feature was somehow turned off, uninstall Bluetooth Driver (AX201) in Device manager and any drivers with yellow exclamation marks and greyed out Unknown Devices you see. Don't install anything, just make sure your internet is working and reboot.

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    You can sometimes get it back by removing, and letting the system reinstall during a reboot, the USB host controllers and root hubs. Sometimes the issue is with the internal USB port that connects the Bluetooth with the motherboard.

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    Thanks for your responses! Before seeing these, and after 3.5 hours of uninstalling things, installing things, googling, I saw this page on Intel that has a program for automatically updating your software and drivers. I installed it and it solved my problem!