Acer kg272s issue with refresh rate even after replacing monitor

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Hello i have Acer kg27 i used 165hz whit HDMI for 1 year but afew days ago the screen start black bar line in middle of screen i started to troubleshooting, changed cables used dp cable update gpu drivers and etc .. then i changed monitor whit a Samsung Odyssey whit 180HZ everything was fine i test my gpu whit games whit apps everythings was fine tested my cpu whit heavy programs no problem detected then i connect my monitor again and change refresh rate to 144 the program gone but i searched in Google and see people that had same problem and after awhile this happened for them on 144hz too ,so what is your answer for these faulty monitors in different models

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    144Hz is correct for HDMI. To use 165Hz you have to overclock the signal using DP.

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