How do I turn the blue LED light completely OFF on my CG437K S?

Liva Member Posts: 4 New User

I have the CG437K S. It has a blue LED at the front which can't seen to be turned off when the monitor is on standby. In the OSD I see an option to set the LED to Mode A, B, or C for when the monitor is ON. These modes seem to be:

A = on

B= breathing

C= off

However I can only set Mode A or B for when the monitor is on standby (when I turn off my PC). I sleep in the same room as the monitor and the blue LED is bright enough to affect my sleep.

Now I realize you can manually power off the monitor at night then on again next morning, but that's just an unnecessary step when cheaper monitors allow you to have the LED off when the monitor is on standby. I figure if my old $150 Samsung monitor can do this, so can Acer's $1000 monitor.

So does anyone know how to turn the LED off short of taping some paper over it?