camera not working after updating to windows 11

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when i turn on my camera in my laptop it only show black screen and when i click on capture button it make click sound but still show black screen. after that i click to view picture i show some error like (Something went wrong. If you need it ,hear;the error code : 0xA00F4292) and another error is like (Something went wrong. If you need it ,hear;the error code : 0xAooF4240(0x80004003)). so i reset my camere, camera drivers and also reset windows but i get same problem.


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    I understand that you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps that I have suggested, and you are still having problems with your camera after updating to Windows 11.

    The error codes 0xA00F4292 and 0xAooF4240(0x80004003) are both related to camera problems in Windows. The error code 0xA00F4292 indicates a "Photo Capture Start Timeout" error, while the error code 0xAooF4240(0x80004003) indicates an "Unknown" error.

    At this point, it is likely that there is a hardware problem with your camera. It is possible that the camera itself is damaged, or that there is a problem with the cable that connects the camera to your computer.

    To troubleshoot the hardware problem, you can try the following:

    • Check the camera cable. Make sure that the camera cable is properly connected to both the camera and your computer. You can also try using a different camera cable.
    • Check the camera port. Make sure that the camera port on your computer is clean and free of debris. You can also try using a different camera port, if available.
    • Try using an external camera. If you have an external camera, try connecting it to your computer and see if it works. If the external camera works, then the problem is likely with your internal camera.

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    Hello! It would be interesting to inform the computer model. Example: A515-55-5890. Also inform the bios version.

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