CPU is overheating after installing new Firmware

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I just installed a new firmware update for my predator. Ever since I downloaded it, my cpu has been running around 190-200F under load and idle is about 140-150F. I run windows 11.

I have checked the fan and it seems to ironic that the cpu started overheating after the firmware update.


  • StevenGen
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    What is the exact Predator model number, is it a PH, PT or a G etc laptop model and like a PT or a PH315-xx or PH515-xx or 517-xx, because and if you updated to any gpu firmware that is NOT from your Acer Predators models Drivers & Manuals page then that is why your CPU is overheating (and you are lucky that your laptop works) and that is why your laptop is not performing properly.

    If you did download the gpu firmware from your Predators Drivers & Manuals page then your laptop could have other issues with its thermals like its fans, thermal module and paste or it might even be with the super IO or chipset chips that are not governing the laptops thermal functions properly or are faulty and are not functioning efficiently within your laptop. All this has to be checked out by an experienced tech, so consider doing that, as advising you blindly is not a good idea and it won't fix your laptop.