Predator Orion 3000 psu upgrade question

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Hello all, i recently purchased a predator orion 3000 PO3-630.

I called Acer support to ask about upgrading a PSU and the guy i talked to said that any ATX PSU would work just fine, i even asked him about the ATX12vo that i keep reading is what the po3-630 uses but he kept assuring me its just ATX, i was going to go ahead and buy a bigger atx PSU, but before i pull the trigger i wanted a second opinion.

any help is super appreciated.

thank you!


  • StevenGen

    The PSU in your PO3-630 desktop is for an ATX size PSU and your desktop has a 500W PSU, but its an Acer proprietary one, it has 2x 4-pin board power connectors while the new PSUs have all 24-pin board power connectors, and you will need to buy a 2x 4-pin (not an 8-pin to 24-pin adaptor as it will not fit) so that the new PSUs can be connected to the PO3-630 mainboard, which needs some modifications and electrical knowledge so that it can be done. Do your research on this as I don't think that any community members have done this modification, as they bought a new mainboard to fit into the PO3-630 case that can accommodate a 24-pin new modular PSU.

    PO3-630 mainboard power 2x 4-pin connectors:

    24-pin power board connector for the new modular PSUs or Non-Modular PSUs

    PO3-630 OEM PSUs

  • Wutang
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    thank you for the answer.

    since I have very minimal electrical knowledge would you suggest I just get a new motherboard to save myself the hassle?

  • billsey
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    Steven left out one more important connector, there's also a six pin power connector in addition to those two four pin connectors, #14 on this diagram:

    Note that if you put a different motherboard into the case you will lose those front ports, since pretty much only Acer PO3 motherboards have the 'diving board' at the front. It's likely best to stick with components that fit within the 500W budget of this design…

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  • GotBanned
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    Well, I'd see if I could sell your current PC and get a new one. Making real worthwhile upgrades on this little PC is made unnecessary difficult.

    If you really need more performance, it might be better and a lot easier to build a new one.